Wireless Network

Stay connected the easy way. Greater business efficiency, productivity, enhanced bottom line….

In today’s more multifarious IT business arena, shrinking resources, squeezing margins can really have the devastating effect on your business and really lower down the revenue. There is certainly a big necessity to find the best way to get MORE for LESSER and LESSER Investment…..

Why do companies love us?

At Aveyon Consulting, we offer a wide gamut of wireless technology solutions that are flawlessly designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We deliver solutions that are 100% safe, secure and reliable, enable your business to go more and more mobile, thus resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

We always deliver customized wireless connectivity solutions. With our team of certified, trained, experienced networking technicians, specialists who are au fait with all latest technologies, help you get the most out of your business. We have peerless knowledge of integration of various wireless networks and wireless network infrastructure services which include but not just limited to

  • Wireless network implementation
  • Health-check / surveys
  • Prevention and security solutions
  • Business application integration (comprising wireless IP telephony, CCTV Surveillance etc)

With increasing ROI, support services, flexible contracts, who may not love us or rely on us?

Only proper wireless solutions that can completely fulfill your needs are needed to be taken, the solutions that can help you overcome the challenges. That is why we are here for…..

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