Servers and Storage

With enterprises vigorously and painstakingly on the move to leverage technology to perfectly address the explosion more in line with the virtualization and changes towards the cloud, there is a need to focus more on the cutting-edge technologies to overcome business challenges such as server and storage problems, managing IT assets and other complex infrastructure problems.

Addressing the challenges in the right way can be tougher without the help from the experts. We, at Aveyon Consulting, deliver cutting-edge server and storage solutions, keeping in mind the needs of our customers and with the aim to streamline their server and storage related operations.

With our team of experienced IT engineers, technicians who have got years of domain expertise pay due attention to all entities of safe and secure server and storage operations We have years of experience in working on more complex projects for our global computing enterprises in the realms of storage target, platform engineering, storage interconnect, host software etc.

Our team possesses unparalleled experience at multitude of server and storage technologies which include but not just limited to Amazon Web Services, Azure, Standard Hosted Server, Database Backup and Archives, Managed Server etc.

We have helped companies both at current and future trends, deliver solutions that flawlessly befit our clients business.

Clients can always rely on us for all server and storage consulting, server configuration, installation and other inter-connected services. We assure our client of quality support services to.


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