Big business goals and growing competition demand accelerated growth. Complicated business processes and resources limitations create more hurdles. These challenges lengthen the distance between businesses and their goals. This also adds to the burden of handling complicated technology.

Aveyon Consulting’s team brings simplicity to such challenges so that businesses can achieve their objectives with ease. Our outsourcing methodology allows software vendors meet their unique business and technology needs.

Companies that outsource to us reap countless benefits such as reduced costs, minimized risks, time and resource savings on routine maintenance work. All of this is achieved while businesses retain total control of their processes. We provide complete lifecycle management of a software product, from requirements definition, through design and development, to QA, maintenance and support.

Our outsourced Product Development and QA services deliver the maximum return on investment along with following major benefits

  • Reduced R&D and support costs
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Quality, affordable and scaleable infrastructure
  • Dedicated development and QA teams

Our infrastructure, skilled and experienced management team and technology expertise makes us an ideal IT partner for outsourcing business processes. Our ODC (Offshore Development Centre) at Hyderabad, India offers our customers extensions of their software development facility and provides total protection of their Intellectual Property Rights.

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