Access Control System

Providing customized access control system services for our clients - stand alone access control system or PC-based systems with closer proximity and smart card readers, access controllers etc

We have huge amount of experience in installing and managing access control systems for small to large businesses. We can install single door to multi door access systems.

We can provide the most advanced system to help you control all aspects of the access. With our unique installation services, clients can free themselves from all burdens of incompetent tracking. Recording of transactions can easily be accomplished at the click.
We also provide maintenance services tailored to specific requirements of our clients. In case of unusual event of component failure or complete system failure, our clients really do not have to suffer down time or do not have to bother over their security systems as we will respond more quickly. Just a call and we will be there. Yes, our team of experienced technicians will reach your place more instantly you can expect.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Configuration services /Seamless integration
  • Multi-site installation services
  • Photo / ID badge management
  • Customized reporting
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy management / maintenance services

Our services come at a very low cost.

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